Project Declutter

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial consultation (by phone or in person) is free of charge. Services are charged at a rate of $50 per hour. Sessions are typically scheduled in ½ day blocks. The minimum charge is $100 (equivalent of two hours). Costs associated with the project (packing materials, charges for disposal, subcontractor fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the client.

The duration of the project depends on the client’s goals and the speed of decision making. For those projects that are time sensitive (like preparing for a move), additional staff will be utilized if needed to meet the client’s deadline.

During the initial consultation, Project Declutter will discuss your goals and together we will make a plan. The best place to start is often that which is highly visible or most stressful to you. Once you see some progress, you will begin to imagine loving your home again!

Project Declutter will remove non-trash items that can be handled in one vehicle load per day at no additional fee. Once removed from your home, Project Declutter will determine the best outlet for the items. Hauling or dumpster services can be arranged at an additional fee.

While I am not a certified organizer as designated by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers, the process of decluttering will naturally result in a more organized home. With fewer items to manage, your daily routines will be more efficient and the look and feel of your home will no longer be a constant source of stress.  While some organization products may be useful, pretty containers cannot solve the problem of excess stuff. There is no point in organizing items that are not serving you well, so, purging is where we start.

During the process of removing excess stuff, Project Declutter will provide tips to reduce the number of items in your home and help you establish systems to simplify your daily routines. You may elect to schedule periodic sessions to evaluate your progress and assist with making adjustments.

Decluttering will involve some basic cleaning. Once you engage in the process of decluttering, you may choose to hire a weekly cleaning service to help maintain your progress. Project Declutter will assist you in finding a reputable cleaner and establish a cleaning routine that best supports your goal of maintaining a clutter free home.