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Hi! I get excited about creating order out of chaos … weird, I know! It may not be normal to seek out a mess but that’s where I thrive! Project Declutter was established to fulfill my strong desire to help others reduce the burden of excessive stuff. The greatest reward is knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. Since doing this work, I have been blessed to facilitate home transformations. Once a space functions better and generates less stress, a sense of peace follows. It’s a beautiful thing!

My 21-year career as a Human Resources Director has prepared me well for managing projects, improving systems, and adjusting to unexpected circumstances. Out of necessity, I learned to be organized and efficient. I am willing and able to question the status quo and have difficult conversations. Most importantly, I have compassion for those facing a challenging situation. You will find me to be respectful of your feelings, careful with your treasures, hardworking, efficient, reliable, and trustworthy.

I have been married to Brian since 2011. We are actively engaged in our church, enjoy coaching others in matters of personal finance, and are blessed to have parents and siblings in the Black Hills.

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