Project Declutter


It seems like there is no end to unpacking the boxes in a way, yet with all of the decluttering we did it goes much more quickly than I imagined. Much more organized to say the least. It still amazes me all the "stuff" a person manages to collect over a 24 year period in the same house. If you had not kept me focused I think I would still be there "sorting" through everything (actually, I think I would probably have given up and just shoved it all in a box and said to heck with it, I'll sort it out later; and we both know that would not ever happen). So, thanks again for all of your help! I see it as a WIN on both ends; the before with the decluttering and the after when unpacking and it goes so smoothly.
Downsizing & Moving Project
I have been stressed and overwhelmed for over 7 years because of the cluttered home and storage unit. I was scared, anxious, and ashamed. I was worried about being judged. It was to the point that it became too much and interfered with my daily life. I finally decided that I needed to do something. I found Dawn, Project Declutter! She was very patient with me. While cleaning and clearing stuff in my storage unit, I got overwhelmed and broke down. She was there with me. She was very flexible and was okay that the session ended early because I was emotional. This is a continuous project to declutter the house and the storage unit. Last Sunday, I finally got my bedroom back to be a bedroom!! It was a great feeling 🙂 I am still working with Dawn. I am really glad to find her. If you're hesitant about decluttering or you feel like you can't do it, please believe me that you can. Dawn will be there for you like she has been there for me.
Cha Boon
Decluttering Project
I believe in miracles, and I think Dawn Feiler just performed one at our church. We have an enormous basement that our church desperately needs to use for our children's programs this summer. However, that basement is also the only place where we must store over 20 Christmas trees and a myriad of decorations that needed sorting, categorizing, and thinning out (knowing what to throw out); a job that no one had the time, energy, or desire to take on. But a few weeks ago Dawn came in and when she had finished, the basement was wide open, and she had the trees and decorations creatively organized and all stored using minimal space. Amazing job Dawn Feiler and Project Declutter!
Church Storage Project
Dawn does not just declutter. She is willing to help someone who has hoarded items for years and then become so ill that the home is out of control and unsafe as a result. She is kind and gentle as she leads the person she is working with on becoming willing to let items go and develop healthy behaviors and patterns for household management. She does not judge or belittle and adjusts her plan and schedule to what works best for the person.
Becky, DHS Case Manager
Extreme Declutter Project
Dawn is phenomenal at Her Job!!! She is Patient n kind, When explaining what can help in a circumstance for You!!! She's a Complete Joy to be around, really!! Nothing stops her from helping You out!!! If there's anything that kind of stresses you out, she will talk it through, as which way would be more helpful for you. I ❤ Love this Lady this has helped me so much, emotionally!!! Walking into the place all made right, is just so Wonderful !!!
Extreme Declutter Project
It takes a special mix of skills to execute this kind of process. Which is exactly why I dreaded even staring. When Dawn arrived she was very warm, caring, and efficient. No judgment, no blame, just "let me help you get this together." There was a lot of "for you would it be better if..." and "we can come back to that one later" AND we did. It was joy and less painful than my mind had imagined. Free your space and your mind - give Dawn a call for a non-judgmental experience. You will not regret it.
Basic Declutter Project
I was wasting my money paying high rent and living in a messy, too cluttered environment. I could barely move! Dawn got me organized, vastly improved my living standard and the appearance of my place. I’m much more productive and happier now. My mental health is better due to Dawn's work and the benefits transfer into my life and work. I work at home as a would-be writer.
Whole House Project
Dawn was very clear as to what I needed to do and helped me understand why I did or did not need to keep items. She allowed me to make decisions and if I was feeling like it was too much, she didn't mind taking some time to refocus, or we would move to the next area and revisit the problem area after I had some time to think about it. Before she left I had a plan for the things left for me to do.
Garage Project
Dawn helped me declutter my pantry and cupboard and she was great! So friendly and kind and had great suggestions! My family has actually been able to keep it organized using her suggestions, which is amazing.
Pantry Project
You had an understanding of my basic needs prior to my project. My space definitely shows improvement. So much easier to find my clothes since they are much more organized. I will definitely refer you to anyone who is looking to de-clutter and organize their life. You simplified my daily process of getting ready and helped me reduce my duplicates and remove some of my emotional attachments. I dropped off my clothes at consignments & thrift stores today and was able to earn some cash. You were very professional and did a fantastic job! I truly appreciated all your help! Thank you again, Dawn. 🙂
Master Closet Project
My favorites are the turntables in the cabinets and of course the 12 drawer chest that is loaded with my sewing stuff. I use it everyday. I haven't kept it in the closet as I've been sewing up a storm. I'm very content that I can sew, sew, sew and find things so much easier!
Small Apartment Project
We do appreciate all you did to help mom get organized. She has really started thriving since then and is enjoying her sewing more than ever!
Marlene's Daughter