Project Declutter

Home Organization Services and Pricing

The initial consultation (by phone or in person) is free of charge. Services are charged at a rate of $50 per hour. Sessions are typically scheduled in ½ day blocks. The minimum charge is $100 (equivalent of two hours). Costs associated with the project (packing materials, charges for disposal, subcontractor fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the client.

The duration of the project depends on the client’s goals and the speed of decision making. For those projects that are time sensitive (like preparing for a move), additional staff will be utilized if needed to meet the client’s deadline.


Home organization services can offer guidance through the process of selecting items to move to the next phase of your life. Downsizing or minimalizing may be (1) due to a desire to take care of fewer items, (2) in response to the need to reduce items to improve function in your current home, or (3) in preparation of relocation to a different home. This comprehensive project encompasses all aspects of your home. Working with a dedicated consultant that understands your objectives and decision-making style makes this process manageable and rewarding.


Aimed at improving your quality of life by removing excessive items, projects may be small in scope (like pantry or entry closet) or a series of projects by category (clothing, paper, memorabilia, etc.). Decluttering is ideal for someone who is seeking immediate improvement. Requires active engagement of client, typically scheduled in 4-hour sessions (one or two per day). Project Declutter will help you decide where to start, provide a method for making choices, and keep you focused on your goal.

Home Organization Services

Prior to organizing, decluttering is typically necessary (purging before merging). Once unused items are out of your life, the rhythm of your daily routine can be improved by locating items according to function and frequency of use. Project Declutter will play the role of facilitator, guiding you in creating a new pattern and providing tips for maintaining minimalism. Follow up sessions (in 30 days, for example) are beneficial to assess progress and help you in making adjustments.

Packing & Unpacking

Complete packing, including general inventory, labeling, arranging for packing materials, and coordinating moving services. Sub-contractors will be utilized in cases of specialized items and/or aggressive timeline. Coordinating move-in activities on behalf of client. Setting up necessities (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and primary living space) to allow for client to function in the new home immediately upon arrival. Decorative or ancillary items to be set aside for client to handle personally.

Hoarding Cleanout

Once parameters established (categories of items to keep, donate, sell, or trash), Project Declutter will coordinate the minimization and complete clearing out of the home. Ongoing communication is a must. Utilization of sub-contractors is necessary for this type of project.