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In a world filled with consumerism and advertisements enticing us to accumulate more, it’s no wonder our lives often become cluttered. But there is hope.

Enter Dawn Feiler, the owner and operator of Project Declutter, a business dedicated to helping individuals regain control of their living spaces.

Meet Dawn Feiler, Owner of Project Declutter

With a 21-year career in human resources behind her, Dawn decided to leave the stressful world of corporate leadership. Drawing on her natural inclination for organization and personal experiences helping family members overwhelmed by excessive possessions, she founded Project Declutter. Dawn’s mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives by transforming their homes into functional and enjoyable spaces.

The Prevalence of Clutter

We live in a society that bombards us with advertisements and encourages constant consumption. Often, we lack the discipline to let go of items once they enter our homes, leading to a gradual accumulation of clutter. Many individuals fail to notice the growing problem until an external perspective highlights the need for change. Dawn’s expertise lies in identifying and questioning clients’ choices, helping them pare down their belongings for improved functionality.

The No-Mess Decluttering Method

Dawn aims to teach people how to declutter efficiently using her no-mess method. This approach involves making decisions on each item individually, thereby avoiding the common pitfall of creating a bigger mess in the attempt to eliminate clutter. Armed with a trash bag and a donation container, the process begins with discarding obvious trash and relocating items that have established homes elsewhere in the house. Dawn encourages clients to consider if they truly need an item and if it already exists in their possession before deciding whether to keep or let go.

The Mental Impact of Clutter

Clutter not only affects the physical space but also has a psychological impact. A cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind, hindering productivity and causing stress. As Dawn has observed, decluttering brings a sense of lightness, hope and improved function to individuals and their living spaces. Working with clients who struggle with hoarding tendencies, she has witnessed the liberating effects of reducing volume, creating a more airy and inviting atmosphere.

The Value of a Decluttering Coach

While Dawn aims to empower individuals to declutter on their own, she acknowledges the benefits of having a coach by your side. A coach provides guidance, accountability and focus, ensuring clients stay on track and avoid getting distracted during the decluttering process. By instilling proper techniques and establishing a small scope of focus, Dawn equips clients with the tools they need to continue decluttering independently.

Putting Dawn's Tips into Action

In an interactive session, Dawn and NewsCenter1’s Anya Mueller demonstrate the practical application of her decluttering principles. They begin by addressing obvious trash and items with established homes elsewhere. They discuss strategies for managing sentimental clutter, setting limits and reminiscing through organized keepsake boxes. By the end, Anya experiences the immediate benefits of a decluttered kitchen counter, feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders.

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