Project Declutter

Speed of Life Decluttering Coach

After two years of working with clients to declutter their homes, I committed to sharpening my skills and actively engaging with other professionals in my new-found career. In February 2023, I was trained as a Coach of the Speed of Life Decluttering Method by Dana K. White. Dana is the author of three books on decluttering and managing a home, including the bestselling book, Decluttering at the Speed of Life (Wall Street Journal bestseller that has sold over 300,000 copies). I have been following Dana for the past few years on her YouTube channel, Blog, and have read and repeatedly referenced her three books. Click here to find out more about Dana.

What is this Speed of Life Decluttering Method? This 5-step process takes the emotion out of decluttering and makes a real and lasting difference while preventing a bigger mess. No more shifting stuff from one room to the next and no more piles! When using this method, you’ll be making final decisions about each item. This means that you will have made progress even when your decluttering efforts are interrupted by everyday life.

In addition to guiding you through the 5-step decluttering method, I can provide tips on home management. From Dana I have learned:

1. how to help you prioritize by using the visibility rule,
2. to apply the container concept to determine a limit,
3. the importance of a laundry routine,
4. the value of doing the dishes (every day), and
5. to help you determine your clutter threshold.