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Transformational Decluttering

Return from Hospital Stay

The focus of this project was functionality. Colleen returned home following a hospital stay and could not maneuver through her cluttered home. The Home Health Agency nurse advised Colleen of Project Declutter. Colleen called to say, “I just want to love my home again”.  In just a few decluttering sessions, her main living spaces were… Continue reading Return from Hospital Stay

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From Clutter To Paradise

This home got out of control when Randall’s medical issues limited his mobility. I removed trash, sorted remaining items, and did some basic cleaning. By decluttering and moving some furniture, Randall can now enjoy a cozy den (complete with a clean bathroom nearby). He said the changes in his home made him feel like a… Continue reading From Clutter To Paradise

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Basic Decluttering

High Traffic Pantry

We took out every item from this high traffic pantry so we could remove outdated or unwanted items and do a good cleaning. We found a new home for tools and games, leaving plenty of room for food and small appliances. This project only took a few hours and propelled Christy into decluttering and organizing… Continue reading High Traffic Pantry

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Storage Improvements

Marlene moved from a large home to a one-bedroom apartment in order to simplify her life. The apartment space did meet her needs, but she found sewing and crafting difficult because access to her supplies was inconvenient. We took the time to re-arrange her closet shelves and add a rolling cart to hold her sewing… Continue reading Storage Improvements

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Extreme Decluttering

Whole New Outlook

During my first visit with Rita, there was not a place to sit (other than the folding chair she was occupying). Although many of her treasures were stored in boxes, the quantity of items became overwhelming. Her home was difficult to navigate. She was not able to use the space as she would like. We… Continue reading Whole New Outlook

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Urgent Help Needed

Carol was overwhelmed with the condition of her home and didn’t know where to start. She was unable to use her kitchen which led to takeout containers and other food items piling up in her living room. She and I jumped in with both feet and worked through the extreme clutter. This kitchen was transformed! It… Continue reading Urgent Help Needed

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