Project Declutter

During my first visit with Rita, there was not a place to sit (other than the folding chair she was occupying). Although many of her treasures were stored in boxes, the quantity of items became overwhelming. Her home was difficult to navigate. She was not able to use the space as she would like.

We started in the dining room … little by little, her home began to open up. Rita was able to see her dining room table for the first time in years. After the clearing of her kitchen counter tops, she started to dream of cooking again.

The Master Bedroom had become a dumping ground and not useable for several years. New windows were scheduled for installation so we were on a deadline. Since clearing out the room, Rita is planning for a master suite renovation.

Each week we continue to sort, label, and group boxes logically. Rita has visions of her future home office and craft room. Until then, she is now able to enjoy a living room well suited for visitors, reading, watching TV, and simply enjoying the view of her wall art and collectables.