Project Declutter

Marlene moved from a large home to a one-bedroom apartment in order to simplify her life. The apartment space did meet her needs, but she found sewing and crafting difficult because access to her supplies was inconvenient. We took the time to re-arrange her closet shelves and add a rolling cart to hold her sewing supplies. By adding heavy duty shelf liner to the wire shelves, they became suitable for storing cleaning supplies and pattern binders. We also added under-the-bed storage bags for extra linens and off-season clothes.

To improve the tiny kitchen functionality, we started by removing dishes she didn’t need and placed the most often used items within easy reach. To make the best use of her food cupboard, we simply added two lazy susans and grouped like items together.

Very limited storage in the bathroom made it difficult to keep tidy. We added a small cart for convenient towel and toiletry storage.  This reduced the volume of items to store under the cabinet. Improved functionality for sure!

The top of a dresser in her clothing closet became a dumping ground. We discarded some items and organized the contents of the drawers, allowing the dresser top to be free of clutter.

My favorites are the turntables in the cabinets and of course the 12 drawer chest that is loaded with my sewing stuff. I use it everyday. I haven't kept it in the closet as I've been sewing up a storm. I'm very content that I can sew, sew, sew and find things so much easier!
Small Apartment Project
We do appreciate all you did to help mom get organized. She has really started thriving since then and is enjoying her sewing more than ever!
Marlene's Daughter