Project Declutter

This home got out of control when Randall’s medical issues limited his mobility. I removed trash, sorted remaining items, and did some basic cleaning.

By decluttering and moving some furniture, Randall can now enjoy a cozy den (complete with a clean bathroom nearby). He said the changes in his home made him feel like a normal person!

For the first time in several years, Randall invited family over for a holiday meal. A deadline can be very motivating! In late January I returned to Randall’s home and was thrilled to find it was still in good condition. I did some light housekeeping and spent some time hanging wall art. He is truly enjoying his home!

I was wasting my money paying high rent and living in a messy, too cluttered environment. I could barely move! Dawn got me organized, vastly improved my living standard and the appearance of my place. I’m much more productive and happier now. My mental health is better due to Dawn's work and the benefits transfer into my life and work. I work at home as a would-be writer.
Whole House Project