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Landing Zone – Avoiding Clutter

Does the entrance to your home look like a dumping ground? Are you faced with clutter every time you come and go? Items such as keys, bags, mail, and cell phones that accumulate near your home’s entrance can pile up quickly and lead to frustration when you are in a rush to leave for the day. What can you do about it?

Review your typical leaving and returning activities. Consider eliminating non-essential stuff near your entrance. Instead of fighting your natural tendency to drop items by the door, embrace it by creating a system or landing zone to keep this space organized.

Simple Landing Zone Ideas:

  • Mount hooks to hold keys
  • Use a hook or a shelf to hold your purse, backpack, or briefcase
  • Create a central charging station for your devices
  • Provide a container to hold personal items (wallet, watch, loose change, etc.)
  • Place a trash can nearby so tossing is easy
  • Add sorting trays or a wall file for categorizing mail items (pay, file, reference, taxes, etc.)

By creating this orderly landing zone and building a habit to utilize it, you are less likely to misplace your important items. By designating a space for essentials, you can simplify your routine and reduce stress.

Do you have random clutter that ends up on kitchen counters, nightstands, or other flat surfaces? Such items need a true home.  Designate a home where you would naturally go to look for that item. For example, a random battery, screwdriver, or roll of masking tape may belong in a junk drawer rather than on your entryway table.

Now’s the time to take charge:

  1. Take a moment to review the habits that are contributing to the clutter
  2. Identify your ideal routine
  3. Remove excess items
  4. Invest a little time organizing today

A home with less clutter is within reach!

Dawn Feiler, owner of Project Declutter, is on a mission to help you simplify your life! Contact her at or by phone at 605-939-9612.

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